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"Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.




Services Schedule

Sunday Service (year round)

Orthros 8:15am (morning prayer), Liturgy 9:30am

Please refer to the Parish Calendar for information about weekday, holiday and special services.

For information on our Lenten and Holy Week services please contact the Church office at (401) 942-4188 between the hours of 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


Two "Agape Circle" Groups Begin in March 2020

Agape Circles are Christ-centered group discussions that foster spiritual growth, empathy, love and deeper friendships between the Agape Circle participants. 

Please call the parish office (401) 942-4188, to register.



Articles for Great Lent

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Great Lent Articles





Why Did God Select and Favor Mary?

Why do you think God chose Mary instead of some other women back then?  We need to remember that Mary came from a very unique family.  Her parents, Joachim and Anna were very devout people; greatly God honoring.  It is said that their life was without reproach.  They practiced what they preached, giving public witness to their love of God and neighbor.  They divided their income into 3 parts; 1 part they gave to God (work of the temple); the 2nd part to the poor; and the 3rd part was used for their daily needs.  They lived on 1/3rd of their income.

They also prayed for a child; they prayed hard too, for most of their married life was childless.  Finally in older years, after promising to give their child back to God for His service (if they were to indeed have a child) Anna conceived.  Anna was from the tribe of Aaron (the priestly tribe); Joachim from the tribe of Judah and from the house of David (the royal tribe).  Thus, in the birth of Mary, two important branches of Israel were united…the royal house of David and the priestly house of Aaron; that is earthly leaders and the spiritual leaders.

The Virgin Mary clearly grew up in a religious, God-honoring environment.  We must also remember that she was educated and lived in Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem which stressed religious learning.  She studied the prophets and psalms of the old testament and the other didactic books; she was involved in worship and prayer being surrounded by the rabbi’s and teachers by living there day and night for about 12 years.

So when the Archangel announced to her that she would be the Virgin to conceive the Saviour, although startled, she clearly understood…thus she said those ever-famous words, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”  Mary had been prepared ahead of time. Hand-picked; devout, pure, honorable, God knowing and loving.  The rest is rather well known by most all of you I am sure; as they say…the rest is history, the history of salvation and freedom from the enslavement of sin.

The Virgin Mary is the model of womanhood and all humanity.  She was unconditionally obedient to God.  In honoring her, we should also be obedient to God.  The various feast days of Mary should bring us closer to God because she brought Him close to us.  Panayia gives us so many wonderful examples and we should emulate her in all of them, foremost in learning the prophets, the psalms, the holy writings in general.  These are clearly scholarly endeavors, but we should not be afraid of trying. 

Devote even 10 minutes a day to biblical study.  On a practical level, we should also emulate her.  Could you think that Panayia would call up a psychic to get her future predicted, have her coffee cup read, or that she would read the horoscope column in the newspaper versus her Bible?  When you follow Christ, when you read the Scriptures regularly, you need none of those things (for all of them are from the devil).  When you may be anxious, or worried, not sure of a decision you should make, use your Bible Subject Index or concordance for guidance and answers.  This is what Panayia clearly tells us again and again in so many of her icons…as she gestures to Jesus.  He is the Way, He has the answers, go to Him.

At the same time, we know her advice is good, just as was her lifestyle, for she did just that…she followed Him and has become as a result the “first among the Saints.”  As Mary bore Christ in her womb physically, all Christians can bear Christ spiritually for He was and is amongst us through His Grace in the Sacraments and through word in the Scriptures.  May we seek Him more as we always honor her who brought Him to us in the flesh!!!

                                                                                                                                                      Fr. Andrew+


Parish News

Capital Improvement Phase II Informational Meeting, January 14

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“Excuse our Appearance” – Phase 2 In Full Swing Soon

Church Renovations / Phase 2 

“One generation shall praise Thy work to another.” (Psalm 145:4)

We draw near to the 50th anniversary year of our church edifice which will be marked in 2018. The behind the scenes work of planning for the renovations and enhancements of our church interior are now at hand. They will take effect on Monday November 20 when the church will be closed and the renovations will start.

The first projects will be the re-staining of the pews and replacement of the carpet, these 2 aspects being the most major. Simultaneously, there will be some electrical work and potentially some carpentry work as well; these are mainly associated to the Altar area and the Solea.

During this time (perhaps 6 – 8 weeks) we will still be doing Sunday and weekday ser-vices as normal, but they will be held in Demetrakas Hall until further notice to move back into our newly renovated church. This will necessitate that some of our traditional after Liturgy luncheons will not be held and these will take a new format.

Coming up in the spring and summer will be the replacement of the icon screen with new mosaics and HVAC improvements. These aspects of the Phase ll program howev-er will not necessitate the closing of the church.

We are thankful for all who have thus far made a 2 year pledge to the Phase ll Program and those as well who have already completed their offerings early on, who are making this project possible. Additional Phase ll pledges are of course desired which would lessen the need to borrow. Response forms were recently mailed out and are also avail-able through the parish office.

Clearly there has been wear and tear over these 50 years and this 50th anniversary has become the ideal time to move ahead to restore our church edifice to its pristine appear-ance and functionality. Let us remember and honor with great respect those who 50 years ago made building fund pledges and donations to build our neo-byzantine church through our giving today in fulfillment of the scriptural passage …..

“One generation shall praise Thy work to another.”
Fr. Andrew

Senior Citizens Thursday, November 9th 

Orthros & Liturgy will be served in Commemoration of St. Nektarios followed by lunch at 12 noon, followed by an educational DVD entitled:

“Protect your Brain!”
Five Ways to Stay Mentally Sharp and Brain-Healthy 

In this DVD you’ll learn everything you need to enjoy for a healthy brain and stay men-tally sharp for life. In this five-part presentation, nationally known experts in the areas of neurology, cognitive science, psychiatry, and longevity share simple, practical infor-mation from the latest medical research to help you make the right health choices to protect your brain. You’ll discover:

  • How to eat and drink smarter
  • Ways to build positive habits
  • Strategies for beating those “senior moments”
  • How to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Ways to reduce your chance of stroke and know its warning signs

Protecting your brain starts Nov. 9th. Come and get the information so you can begin to use it and enjoy a healthy brain.







St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church of Fall River will be hosting their Annual Dinner Dance on Sunday, November 12th, at the Venus DeMilo, 75 Grand Army Highway (Route 6)Swansea,Massachusetts. Cocktails will begin at 6 P.M. and Dinner at 7 P.M. Dinner choices are chicken, fish, or beef. Ticket prices are $50 Adults, $30 Dance Only, and $25 Children. Music will be provided by Kostas Haloulakos. For reservations, please contact John Vlahos at 508-674-9042. 

To Participate in This Years Parish Christmas Card Return this coupon by Dec. 4, 2017


Print in English how you would like your name to appear

Your Name______________________________________

Phone Number_________________________________

Amount of enclosed donation: $____________ ______Cash ______Check


A Prayer that needs to be said and spread to all our people out there this year that have been victimized by horrific attacks or their home, business or shelter destroyed by a hurricane or earthquake and fire. May God be with them at this time to re-strengthen and re-build.


Gracious God.
We pray for peace in our communities this day.
We commit to you all who work for peace and an end to tensions.
And those who work to uphold law and justice.
We pray for an end to fear.
For comfort and support to those who suffer.
For calm in our streets and cities.
That people may go about their lives in safety and peace.
In your mercy, hear our prayers, now and always.

Memorial Bench 

To all the families of deceased relatives, just a reminder that we still have space for a Memorial Bench on the Church property. Please call or email the office if you are interested in purchasing a space for your loved one that has passed. (401-942-4188) office@annunciationri.org

Church is a place of Mercy & Hope, where everyone is Welcomed, Loved & Forgiven! 


Be Welcoming / Be on the Look Out
Beloved, always look for the young faces of college students attending our services, as well as visitors and new residents in general. Welcome them warmly, ask for their hard mail address, email and cell phone and pass that information over to Fr Andrew or Fr Manny. Invite them to coffee hour and/or to your own home to get acquainted.

We would like to welcome Jeffrey Sisson our new full-time janitor M-F and Edward Vasquez, our new part-time weekend janitor, although “Eddie” will also be helping Jeffrey during the week on special projects , when needed. We wish them well and that they both enjoy their employment here with us.

Parking Lot Lines
Between rain falls, hot sun and cold days we say Thank You with great appreciation to Lakis Andriotis. We now have new white lines and yellow handicap symbols, redone in our parking lot. Weather permit-ting Lakis was outside several days with his painting equipment and did a Great Job. 

Festival Follow Up
The Financial Report of the Greek Festival will be issued soon. PLAN FROM NOW FOR NEXT YEAR—new workers needed, especially in the Gyro area—September 7, 8 & 9, 2018. Save the dates and plan to volunteer in general. 

Festival Raffle Winner!
Our Festival winner of the Grand Prize $5000.00 cash raffle was Charlie Petris. Congratulations Charlie may you enjoy the funds in the best of health and fond memories of our 32nd Annual Annunciation Church Greek Festival. 

Additional Epistle Readers Sought
Those desiring to be trained as Readers (especially teens and young adults) should contact Fr Andrew 942-4188.

Nominations for Parish Council 

Each year a portion of our parish council is elected for the new civil year, in a two-year term of office. Serving on the Council is a wonderful witness to the Lord in enabling the local parish to function in a witness of love and sacrifice. There are eligibility requirements which include: being over age 18, active in the worship life of the parish, contribute to the stewardship pro-gram yearly, if married, married in the Orthodox Church, if divorced, had received an ecclesi-astical divorce, adhere to the moral teachings and canons of the church and the Archdiocese regulations. A full list of eligibility requirements can be obtained from our parish office or online at the <goarch.com> Those desiring to submit their name in nomination are encouraged to do so before-November 26th, to the Chairman of the Board of Elections (John Psikakos – 401-944-6856).

Dr. Mary Despina Lekas Endowment Fund News
Financial Report for the period ending 9/30/17
Endowment Fund Portfolio: $861,650.84
Endowment Fund Checking Account: $5,115.00

“Our Legacy”
A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by:
M/M Ilias Antonakos, Marcel Berard, M/M Kenneth Bianchi, M/M James Demetriou, Deruosi Family, Olga Haveles, M/M Bruce Iannuccillo, M/M James Karpeichik, Elizabeth Marses, Stavroula Marsis, Penny Letros & Georgia Matadis, M/M Kenneth Morrissey, Andrew Rougas & Stephanie Papadopoulos, M/M Costas Perdikakis, Philoptochos Society, Mary Samaras, M/M James Santaniello, M/M Peter Simone, Pashalia Strekouras, Virginia Strekouras, Antonia Vanikiotis, M/M John Vanikiotis, M/M Frank Vasiliadis, M/M Dean Vose, M/M John Zervos.
In Memory of George Grammas 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by:
Arthur Samos in memory of Gregory Demetrakas 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by:
M/M Michael Papigiotis in memory of Panagiotis Sampalis 

A donation has been made to the Endowment Fund by:
Elizabeth Marses in memory of Nick Stappas (brother of Julie Karahalios) 

Recent Deaths 

The father of Elaine Andrade (our recently retired bookkeeper) Raymond Brien, age 93, of West Warwick, passed away on 10/8/17. The brother of our parishioner Julie Karahalios, Nick Stappas, passed away in Canada on Oct 9. Effie Christelis, age 88, of Cranston, RI passed away on 10/19/17. Funeral & burial were private. Elpida “Hope” Carabitses, age 84, of Warwick, passed away on 10/24/17. Funeral & burial was held on 10/27/17. The father of our parishioner Christina (Florio) DiDino, Joseph Florio, age 76, passed away on 10/18/17, in Texas. His funeral was here in RI., on 10/28/17. The brother of our parishioner Demetrius Sampalis, passed away recently in Greece. The brother of our parishioner Maryanne Cragin, Stephen McGill, age 59, of Lincoln, RI, passed away on 10/24/17. The grandmother of our parishioner Rebecca Stanley recently passed on in MA.
~May their Memory be Eternal~

We have to date parishioners with a pledge of $189,877.00
The Actual Amount Received is $173,796.13

Since our last newsletter, the following pledges have been received for 2017: M/M Dean Costakos, Alexander Dimitriadis, William Frangos, Christine Kitsilis, Cynthia Springer, Antoine Topouzis, Aristotelis Tsonis, M/M Kenneth White, Maria Vlahos, Katherine Xiarhos.



Our fund-raising effort has become very active again because of a recent reminder letter that was sent out. That is very good news.

We have a total of $191,667.00 that have been pledged from 94 donors. As of today, $130,742.00 has been paid and deposited. Since last month the following parishioners have submitted a pledge: Andreas & Marie Andreopoulos, M/M Dionysious Argeris, Nicole C. Arsenis, Michael & Kassiane Campopiano, Peter Kolentsas, Dr. Mary D. Lekas, Brian & Maria Leroux, Gus & Joanna Pappas, M/M Demetrious Sampalis, Dr. William Tsiaras, Jason & Rebecca Xynellis.

Thank you all for your generous pledges. If you have not yet submitted your 2-year pledge, please do so. We have a lot of work to complete in the coming months. -Submitted by James Silva 


New Comers 2017-2018
If you have a friend or relative interested in joining the parish, please have them call the office so that we may send out the proper paper work for them to register. (If you are referring a family or individual to the church, please let us know). We also have a committee that invites new comers to a small gathering so they may become acquainted with others from the parish. It is our way to welcome new parishioners and make them feel comfortable. 

New Year’s Eve
Usually we always do an event for New Years here in the church hall. This year we will be cancelling the New Years Event, since the hall is being used for church services in regards to the Phase 2 project going on in the church. In place of the Family New Years Eve event, we will be having an Apokriatiko event on Saturday, February 10, 2018. More details will follow. 

The Financial Corner 

I would like to address several misconceptions that exist within our parish community. I have heard some parishioners comment that – “our church is making a lot of money from the real estate property next door”. This concept is false and incorrect.

Another misconception I heard from a different parishioner is “our church is losing money from the real estate property next door and our church needs to pay a lot of money in order to keep the property solvent”. This comment is also incorrect.

The truth regarding our property next door is that it is classified as an LLC and the finances are kept separate from parish funds. We have six apartments and one house that is currently rented. Our property is self-sufficient and standing on its own. This is a very valuable asset and we are fortunate to have purchased the property.

Initially we acquired the property on September 20, 2011. The original loan amount at that time was $485,000,00. Six years later, as of September 30, 2017 the loan balance was $347, 378,00.

Because of the house being un-occupied for more than one year we had a net loss of $ 802.39 for 2016.

For the year 2017 we are projecting the profit / loss status to remain approxi-mately the same.

– Submitted by James Silva

November 5, 2017

~Notification for Regular Fall Parish Assembly~

Dear Parishioners,

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Parish Assembly. This Assembly will be held at the Mihailides Center on Sunday, November 26th following coffee hour. We urge all our parishioners to attend this Assembly for you will have the opportunity to nominate Parish Council Members for the up-coming elections, and act upon the Proposed 2018 Budget while being informed directly on various im-portant topics listed below.

As always, only our parishioners, Baptized or Chrismated in the Orthodox Church, who are in ecclesiastical order, and are financially in good standing with the parish, may vote at this Assembly; your 2016 stewardship pledge must have been paid in full prior to the meeting and a stewardship pledge form for 2017 must have been submitted. These can also be executed the day of the Assembly, but it is strongly encouraged to do this through the office well before the meeting to avoid confusion at the registration table.

The Agenda is as follows:

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Election of Assembly Officers
  3. Approval of the Minutes of the last Regular Assembly (June 4, 2017)
  4. President’s Report – Kevin Phelan
  5. Priest’s Report – Fr. Andrew George
  6. Auditor’s Committee Report for 2016 Financials – Maria Markos
  7. Presentation of the Proposed 2018 Budget – James Silva
    ~Proposed Budget will be available after November 15, 2017
  8. 145-151 Oaklawn LLC Report – George Coclin
  9. Dr. Mary Lekas Despina Endowment Fund– Peter Manis
    ~Nominations for the new term on Endowment Committee – Alex Carr
  10. Phase II Report – Nick Tanionos
  11. Board of Elections Report – John Psikakos – Nominations for Parish Council
  12. Unfinished Business:
  13. New Business:
  14. Closing Prayer

We look forward to welcoming you at the Parish Assembly on November 26, 2017.

Faithfully yours,
Kevin Phelan
Elaine Otto
Fr. Andrew G. George

Minutes of the Parish Assembly, Sunday, June 4, 2017 

The meeting opened with prayer by Fr. Andrew George at 11:57a.m. and attending by 26 stew-ards. Elected officers were: Chairman Nick Tanionos, Vice-Chairman John Psikakos and Sec-retary Marianne Phelan. Motion to approve the November 20, 2016 Assembly minutes was made by Elaine Crabtree and Theofanis Markos and passed.

Treasurer’s Report of the 2016 Financials – James Silva 

Complete Report distributed showing Revenues of $653,317.79 and Disbursements of $657,665.45.

Auditor’s Committee Report on 2016 Financials-Maria Markos 

Due to extenuating circumstances Maria will present her report at the Fall Parish Assembly.

Appointment of Board of Elections 

The motion to approve John Psikakos as chairman for the board of elections made by Kevin Phelan and Jason Maintanis and passed. Also nominated and approved was Emile Sarkis. Alt-hough absent, Russ Wheatley will be asked if he’d like to serve.

Report of the Phase II Planning-Nick Tanionos 

The response and the compliments of the Platytera installation have been plentiful, many stat-ing that it is as if it was always there. Nick reported that the fundraising is ongoing, and the planning schedule is scheduled to be in place during the summer months. The carpet will be replaced after the subfloor repairs are completed and electrical is reviewed. This is scheduled to be completed from October until Christmas depending on the availability of vendors. Cur-rently the pledges total $172,592 of which $114,000 has been collected. It was expected we would need up to $400,000 to complete Phase II. The more donations we receive in the Phase ll Drive, the less we would need to borrow, estimating perhaps $200,000 -$230.00. Nick also explained that the refinishing of the pews would be coordinated with the carpet replacement and the icon screen replacement. The quotes received for the air conditioning and heating sys-tems are following within the budget allowances.

Unfinished Business: 

The Archdiocese assessment is still being contested by the Parish Council and they will be meeting with the Metropolis representatives to review the financial statements.

New Business: 

A discussion ensued about the memorial funds—if they are being earmarked for Phase II ex-penses. More information will be forthcoming.

Retirement of Elaine Andrade- Fr Andrew rose to announce that Elaine, after 10 years of service to our parish will be retiring at the end of June and he acknowledged her dedication and faithfulness to our parish.

Closing Prayer & Adjournment at 12:14PM
Respectively submitted, Marianne Phelan, Assembly Secretary

Sunday, November 19, 2017 Hope and Joy Event
We will be having our First Hope and Joy Event on November 19th after Coffee Hour. We will have age appropriate activities and will be serving lunch for all who attend. More information to come.

Friday, December 1st, 2017 Christmas Dance
Join us on December 1st from 6pm to 10pm for our Christmas Dance. Tickets will be $15. More information to come.

December 28, 2017 Family Game Night
Back by popular request we will be holding another Family Game Night during Christmas Break. SAVE THE DATE—THURSDAY DEC 28—6PM

Any questions contact CJ Mitrelis at cmitr1@Unh.newhaven.edu, or 401-632-8752.

Baby Sitters Available
If any family is in need of babysitters we have several Goyans who are able to help during the week and weekend. (Other teens who may not have already expressed interest to be part of this baby sitting pool should sign up with CJ.) Families desiring to use parishioners as baby sitters should contact CJ Mitrelis at (401) 632-8752 to receive this listing of contacts.


At the recent Lock In, elections were held for the new church year: President—Eleni Mihai-lides, V-President– Christian Mitrelis, Treasurer– Katherine Mitrelis, Recording Secretary–Joseph Bunch, Corresponding Secretary–Nathaniel Nichols. With great enthusiasm Sophia Sarkis (a 12th grader) has offered herself to do “outreach” to activate more teens.


Are you on Facebook? We have a new, private Facebook group for families in our par-ish! The purpose of this group is to support each other in living our Orthodox Faith, encourage intentional parenting, celebrate our children’s accomplishments, and share information on par-ish youth events. Comments/posts are only visible by members. If you’d like to join the group, just send your email to Maria_Leroux@hotmail.com and you’ll receive an invitation.”

REMINDER– Every Thursday 

Watch the weekly edition of “BE THE BEE” from our Archdiocese Youth Office. Visit- youtube.com/y2am



President: Marianne Phelan
First Vice President: Koula Rougas
Second Vice President: Carol Rothemich
Corresponding Secretary: Nikki Samaras
Recording Secretary: Helen Argeris
Treasurer: Nancy Harritos
Assistant Treasurer: Karen Drager
Advisor: Georgia Pappas, Past President


To all who worked the just completed Food-Fair and Christmas Bazaar we extend a huge THANK YOU…workers in all the various booths, the bakers, the kitchen taverna staff, the donors of the various raffle prizes, our new janitors—everyone for everything and all those who attended!

Prayer Shawls and Preemie Hats 

Recently a delegation of our shawl weavers traveled to Yonkers, NY to St Michael Home for the Aged and delivered prayer shawls to the residents there. Preemie baby hats were also taken to Hasbro Hospital (in fact 72 of them) for use in the “NIC Unit.”

“Beneath The Olive Tree” Well Attended 

A good 90 people attended the Oct 27th screening of this very powerful film, truly in-formative on a piece of post WW2 history in Greece often overlooked.


November 17—Share the warmth with those less fortunate! 

The Providence “Buy Nothing Day” Coat Exchange will take place on November 24, 2017 on the front lawn of the RI State House. Each year, there is a growing need for coats, scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, sweatshirts and other winter gear for our State’s homeless and low income population. Please spread the word and donate your “gently-used” items by Friday, November 17th at a designated box in the Demetrakas lobby. Any questions, contact Gail Erinakes at 401-225-9997.

November 20—Board Meeting 6:15 pm., General Meeting 7:00 pm.

Thanksgiving Baskets—If anyone is in need, contact Fr. Andrew or Bessie Papigiotis.

December 10– Christmas Outing—1PM / Providence Performing Arts Center attend-ing the musical “Kinky Boots” followed by dinner at Kleos. Details to follow.


Each year November 15 heralds the beginning of Advent (The Nativity Fast) or “little lent” as it also called.

“Advent” means the coming or arrival of someone or something. During these 40 days we prepare to celebrate the coming of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, into the world. Clearly the Lord is already present with us today, but the Season of Advent allows us to experience more vivid, perhaps new, awareness of this pres-ence when we follow the daily Advent readings (refer to your Church Wall Calendar) and ex-ercises. Due to the ex-treme hustle and bustle of Pre-Christmas prepa-rations, most of the

Advent practices have been ignored or missed through the years. We should all grab hold of this opportunity and learn to live Advent to its fullest which gives us spiritual nourishment while also shopping and baking and doing the “secular side” of Christmas. They easily can go together.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Parishioners

May all of you be Blessed and Enjoy a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving

With family and friends
The Annunciation Church


Mid-November – Mid December 2017 

Divine Services (year round) Orthros (morning prayer) 8:15 am / Liturgy 9:30 am 

Thurs Nov 9—St. Nektarios / service per usual morning hours 

Sr Citizens Luncheon – 12:00 noon (Protect Your Brain DVD to be shown)

Bible Study “Epistle to the Romans” – 7:30-9PM (last class to this series)

Sat Nov 11- Let us honor our Veterans acknowledging their most valuable service 


Sun Nov 12—Sun 8 of Luke / John the Merciful / Nilus the Myrrh Gusher

-New Comer Welcome Gathering (after Liturgy)

Tues Nov 14—Phase 2 Committee Meeting- 7:30PM

Wed Nov 15– Advent Begins (The Nativity Fast) / Endowment Committee—7:30PM


Sun Nov 19—Sun 9 of Luke / Prophet Obadiah / Martyr Barlaam

– Church School Teachers Staff Meeting / Boy Scout Wreath Sale

– Hope & Joy Activity after coffee hour

Mon Nov 20– CHURCH RENOVATIONS BEGIN/ Phase 2 takes effect. 

Philoptochos Meeting 6:15 Board / 7:00PM– General Membership

Tues Nov 21—Entrance of the Theotokos to the Temple—(TA EISODIA) 

-service per usual morning hours held in Demetrakas Hall.

– Parish Council Meeting 7:30 pm.



Sun Nov 26—Sun 13 of Luke / Stylianos of Paphlagonia / Nikon, Preacher Repentance

Parish Assembly (after Coffee Hour)

Tues Nov 28—AHEPA Meeting -7:00pm

Wed Nov 29- Great Vespers (Eve of St Andrew) – 6PM (in Demetrakas Hall) 

Thu Nov 30- St Andrew the 1st Called—Services per usual morning hrs (in hall) 

Fri Dec 1– Goya Teen Dance—6-10PM

Sat Dec 2- Orthodoxy 101 (Part 3) – 12:30-2PM


Sun Dec 3– Sun 14th of Luke / Prophet Zephaniah / New Martyr Angelis


Mon Dec 4– Revitalization Initiative—7PM

Wed Dec 6- St Nicholas– Services per usual morning hours (in hall) 

– Stewardship Committee– 7:30PM

Thu Dec 7- Sr Citizens Luncheon– 12 Noon

Sat Dec 9- Orthodoxy 101 (Part 4) – 12:30—2PM


Sun Dec 10– Sun of 10th Luke / Martyrs Menas, Hermogenes & Eugraphos

– Pageant Practice after Liturgy and classes

– Philoptochos Christmas Outing—1PM

Mon/Tues Dec 11/12– Observance of St Spyridon in Newport (Vespers Mon. at 6PM)

Orthros 9:00 am/ Liturgy 10:00 am on Tues.

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